step 1

Preparing PC for data restoration

If you would like to restore data saved to a cloud server from another computer, you will need to install and set up the cloud system client on the new computer and wait for all of the data to download from the cloud server into a local synchronization folder on your computer1. Make sure that all of the data has been successfully downloaded into the local folder, then open Auslogics BitReplica. If you have never used this cloud system client on this computer or have reinstalled the operating system, downloading all of the data from the cloud server may take a long time.

Restoring Backup Configuration Profile

When synchronization is complete, select the 'File – Configuration – Import from cloud’ menu option in BitReplica, and the program will automatically find the backup configuration file in the local synchronization folder and load it into the program2. Now you can restore previously backed up data using this profile.

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step 3

Restoring Previously Backed Up Data

In the main program window, select the profile you have restored in the list of profiles on the left, then select the backup you want from the Created Backups section and click Restore. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete restoration.


  1. To use cloud storage, you will need to create an account or use an existing account if you already have one with an online storage service.
  2. If synchronization of the cloud server with the local folder was interrupted or did not complete correctly, BitReplica will be unable to correctly restore profiles or data to this computer.