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Installing Cloud System Client

For working with any cloud storage system, you have to download the official client application and install it. This application helps synchronize content between a location on your computer and the online storage. When you sign up for an online storage account, you should see a link or button to download the system’s official app. Click that link to download the app, then launch the installation and follow the on-screen instructions to install the client app.

Client Setup

After installing the client you can configure the application to your liking. In the client setup window that appears, log in to the cloud storage service1. You will then be prompted to set the path to a folder that will be used for synchronizing created backups with the cloud service2. Select the most convenient folder or use the one that is suggested by the program.

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step 3

BitReplica Setup

Open BitReplica and click on the “Create new backup” button, then select the cloud service you want to back up to from the list of supported services. Select the folders you would like to back up and follow the backup wizard instructions3. You will not be able to change any backup settings - the only backup method to be used will be Incremental Backup, which ensures maximum compression of transmitted data. Once the wizard’s work is complete, your profile will be set up and ready for use.

First Profile Launch

After creating the profile, you can manually launch it and immediately create a full copy of the data to be backed up to the cloud server. When launched for the first time, the program will use all of the data in the source folders for creating a full copy. In subsequent runs, the program will only back up the data changes that have occurred since the previous backup. We recommend creating backups daily to ensure maximum data safety.

step 4


  1. To use any cloud storage service, you will need to create an account on the service’s website. BitReplica currently supports the following cloud storage services:
    Microsoft OneDrive -
    BoxNet -
    DropBox -
    Google Drive -
    CloudMe -
    SafeSync -
    4Sync -
    Cubby -
  2. You can use the selected folder as you like. Auslogics BitReplica will create a folder for storing backups, which should not be used for manually placing any other files.
  3. In order for the program to work correctly, you need to run full data synchronization using the cloud system client before creating a backup with the program. If faced with insufficient storage space, you may need to manually delete unneeded backups or free up space by deleting other stored files.