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When you use your computer for multiple purposes, such as for work-related tasks and personal activities, you may like to keep these areas in separate backups. Some of these files you may want to back up on an hourly basis (such as when you are working on an important project all day and don`t want to lose any edits if something ever goes wrong), while other files that don`t change much may have to be backed up once a week or even manually, after edits have been made. BitReplica offers this flexibility by letting you create multiple profiles, each with its own rules and schedule.

For each profile you create, you will be able to choose the items you want backed up, the destination to save the backup to, set the rules (such as whether previous file copies should be overwritten), set a schedule for automatic backups or choose manual launching, configure some advanced settings if you like, and finally name the profile so that you can recognize it in the list later.

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