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BitReplica lets you back up all your documents, emails, pictures, music, videos and any type of file you have on your hard drive. IT experts all over the world confirm that one of the most damaging and nerve-wrecking problems PC users ask for help with is data loss caused by hard drive failure, virus attack or a number of other factors. Although there are data recovery programs and special labs available today, oftentimes they are unable to recover absolutely everything. Most people learn their lesson the first time and start backing up after such disaster hits them, but why wait? Creating a backup routine before you ever experience a serious crash and data loss is a smart move. Think of the files and items you would not want to lose if your PC ever broke beyond repair. Go through everything you have stored on your hard drive and select the folders you would like to back up. Then open BitReplica and start backing up those important items.

The program pre-fills the list with the most common items that most users may want to back up, such as emails, pictures, videos and music stored in standard Windows locations - you can simply check the ones you want backed up. In addition to that, you can browse through other locations on your hard drive to select additional folders to add to the backup.

Besides backing up files, BitReplica is capable of backing up browser and email client profiles. The following applications are supported at the moment:

- Firefox
- Internet Explorer
- Chrome
- Safari
- Opera
- Outlook Express
- Windows Mail
- Windows Live Mail
- Outlook
- IncrediMail
- Thunderbird

You can also configure the program to save NTFS alternate data streams that store additional information about your files, such as access permissions, extended properties, etc. This means that all of the backed up files can be saved along with all their attributes and will be restored exactly to their original state.

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