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Although most common backups are performed from a hard drive to an external storage drive, BitReplica also allows you to back up data from any storage device, including HDD’s, SSD’s, SD cards, USB flash drives, and networked drives. Any location you can see in Windows Explorer can be the source for a backup, and can be specified as such when creating a backup profile in BitReplica.

This can be useful in many situations. For instance, when copying hundreds of vacation photos from your camera you may want to have them split into bundles the size of a standard CD, so that later they can be saved onto several CD’s. It could be too complicated and time-consuming to do manually, but with BitReplica it becomes an easy job. You just specify the SD card in your camera (connected to your PC, of course) as the source location, and choose to zip and split the archive in the How section of the Profile Wizard by choosing the Compression Settings tab (see Multi-Volume Archiving for more details).

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